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Q: How long does it takes to make up and style my hair for each session?
A: It takes approximately 1 and a half hour. The make up artist will usually arrive 2 hours in advance so this allows an extra 30 minutes for the bride to dress up.

Q: Can I wash my hair a day before the wedding or on the day itself?
A: Yes, you can wash your hair as long as you make sure it’s dry for easy hair setting.
Do not put too much conditioner as it will cause your hair to lose volume and be difficult to set.

Q: Are hair accessories included or will there be extra charges?
A: Hair accessories are included (borrowing basis) with no extra charges.
However, if your prefer to use fresh flowers, please purchase it on your own
as the choice of colours is very subjective and varies with individual’s preference.

Q: Does the make up package include make up and hairdo for groom?
A: Yes, groom will be touched up and his hair styled with no extra charges.

Q: Do I need to apply any skincare after my shower and before make up?
A: It’s not necessary as ampoule is sufficient as a moisturizer and make up base
but its fine if you wish to add in some of your routine skincare product.

Q: Why are ampoules being applied beneath the make up?
A: Ampoules improve the make up’s hold (longer lasting) and makes the skin appear particularly radiant.

Q: Is it compulsory to run through a trial make up. What is the purpose of trial make up?
A: It is not compulsory but is good to do so as you can use it as a basis to discuss and
choose your  preferred look for your wedding day. This will help to avoid any colour or style that you dislike.

Q: When is the best time to trim hair or to dye hair?
A: If possible, do it  4 weeks-6 weeks before the wedding. Too soon and you may need to redo it again. Too near to the wedding date and you risk not liking the colour/style. Allow ample time so if you dislike the colour/style you will still have time to change it.

Q: How frequent should I go for facial treatment? What is the benefit of facial treatment?
A: Facial treatments improve skin. Dry skin will cause foundation to look caked up and thick. Well hydrated and moisturized skin provides a base for make up to make skin look radiant and natural.